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Developing from The Consumer Credit Division under Viet Nam Prosperity Joint – Stock Commercial Bank (VP Bank), after 7 years of operation, FE CREDIT has grown to be a leading financial company, with over 15,000 employees and partners operation around 63 provinces and cities nationwide, serving millions of Vietnamese people through the mortgage loan of products and service.

FE CREDIT Commitment

Besides affirming our commitment to provide trusted, optimal, fast and easy consumer finance solutions (FE – Fast & Easy), the meaning of FE today has been extended towards our commitments with:

  • OUR CUSTOMERS: Keep their needs FULFILLED through EXCEPTIONAL customer service.
  • OUR PARTNERS: Continue to provide them FRUITFUL business opportunities and to EXALT them.
  • OUR PEOPLE: Build this company into a FAIR and EXCITING workplace.
  • OUR STAKEHOLDERS: Continue to stay FOCUSED and EFFICIENT in every of our transactions that we do.
  • OUR SOCIETY: Promote FRIENDLY practices while ENRICHING the welfare status of the Vietnamese people

Our Key Products

There are millions of people having financial difficulties but and cannot access to bank loans throughout Vietnam. Hence, FE CREDIT continually develops easy and effective consumer finance products & services – sustainable and safe solutions which are protected by law, to unburden Vietnamese people and realize their dreams of a better life.

FE Credit’s main product lines:

  • Personal Cash Loan
  • Consumer Durable Loan
  • Two Wheeler Loan
  • FE Credit Master Card

All FE CREDIT members have equal opportunities to shares their ideas, initiatives, and conduct research and studies through the “Beyond Excellence” program. Valuable prizes will be rewarded to people who have the best and most effective ideas which will be realized with FE CREDIT’s sustainable development plans. At FE CREDIT, we believe in developing people and nurturing our corporate culture. Our people are definitely our greatest asset, the main factor in the success of FE CREDIT. Our people define our brand image.

Let’s join hands with FE CREDIT to help Vietnamese people to solve financial difficulties and provide them tools to reach a higher standard of living. Together with our enthusiastic colleagues, we will make a real difference, take on major challenges and fulfill our desire to win.



  • Strive to be number 1 in everything we do.
  • Focus on key priorities.
  • Stay committed even in face of challenges.

  • Understand and trust each other with a positive attitude.
  • Leverage team strengths to reach common goals.
  • Nurture our people together.

  • Understand our customers deeply.
  • Provide simple and clear solutions.
  • Make the experience fast and easy

  • Take charge proactively.
  • Make fact-based decision.
  • Be efficient and disciplined in processes.



Remuneration policy

  • FE CREDIT offers a competitive salary and benefits package.

Health policy

  • Besides health insurance, FE CREDIT employees are provided with Aon Care insurance and annual health check at international-standard hospital.

Annual leave

  • 14 leave days/ year. Each employee who has 5-year seniority at FE CREDIT will have 1 more leave day. New Year leave days, holidays or other leave types are in accordance with the Vietnamese Labor Law.

Learning and development

  • At FE CREDIT, you will learn and move up continuously through daily challenges, soft skills as well as advanced training courses with experts. From there, we help you to enhance your professional development and to get promoted.

Reward policy for initiatives, technology innovation & research

  • All FE CREDIT members have equal opportunities to shares their ideas, initiatives, and conduct research and studies through the “Beyond Excellence” program. Valuable prizes will be rewarded to people who have the best and most effective ideas which will be realized with FE CREDIT’s 


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FE CREDIT nurtures the future of Vietnamese children

On August 16, 18 and 25, FE CREDIT joined the Saigon Children’s Charity (SCC), with the support of local authorities, to donate 122 scholarships to  disadvantaged students in Tra Vinh, Dong Nai, and Tien Giang.

The scholarship program entitled "Nurture the Future aims to supportunderprivileged children, who are the future generations of Vietnam.Thanks tothis program, they will have the opportunity to continue to go to school and develop their potential to have a brighter future. 122 scholarships with a total value of 300 million VND and many practical gifts contributed by FE CREDIT staff such as schoolbags, rain coats, school supplies, etc., were delivered to the students by FE CREDIT. 

Give Blood. Give lives

With the support of one hundred employees from various departments, blood donation has become a yearly CSR activity of FE CREDIT. In corporation with the Blood Transfusion Hematology Hospital, FE CREDIT organizes a blood donation day “Give Blood. Give Lives” in May 2017.

Blood donation is a meaningful action, helping the lives of various patients with severe illness, women at risk for fatal postpartum illness, or victims of traumatic accidents, and to protect them in the future. One unit of blood could help three people to get back to health. Understanding the importance and benefits of donating blood, so far nearly a thousand donors from FE CREDIT and other companies have participated and contributed to the safe blood bank of Ho Chi Minh City.

Connecting Drive, Loving Tet

Every year, many blue collar workers have to delay their plan of returning home for the Lunar New Year due to financial problems.

Understanding this difficulty, FE CREDIT has sponsored 405 bus tickets for 405 workers at Vĩnh Lộc and the nearby industrial park during the event “Connecting Drive, Loving Tet”, aligned with the serial CSR activities of FE CREDIT: “realizing millions of dreams”.

“This meaningful activity has helped to unburden the blue workers’ lives by easing the financial difficulties and helping them to reunite with their family just in time for the Lunar New Year.” representatives of the blue workers said at the event.

Nine buses drove from Ho Chi Minh City to Ninh Thuận, Khánh Hòa, Phú Yên, Quy Nhơn, Quảng Ngãi provinces, carrying hundreds of happy passengers whose wish to reunite with their family have been realized with the help of FE CREDIT.

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